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Overseas Treatment

For humans:

Dr.V has expertise in helping people with thyroid, immune compromised, epilepsy, endocrine disorders, paediatric, gynaecological disorders addictions, psychiatric disorder, children with special needs.

Homeopathy can be used effectively by everyone from babies and children to adults, including women during pregnancy.

For pets:

We have helped many pets and human companion in pets. Our list of patients includes birds, dogs and cats. Special homeopathic remedies for pet are also available. For diseases like . These remedies are safe for all kind of pets and provide holistic care of animals. We have sent a questioner to the pets owner as we have no formal veterinary training and pets are very sensitive to the surrounding so one of the member can give a better description.So the pets consulting last for half an hour but we sent a questioner to the owner.

Please Download and fill Questionaire For Pets and send us at drvaishampayanhomoeopathy@gmail.com.

For plants:

Homeopathic remedies can help weak, pest infested and frost damaged plants and can even build them up.


If you are taking any two medicines, we should be informed of any of the nutritional or chiropracter treatment as a undertaking and we would request you to consult proper doctor or degree holder.